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Circuit-Traq PRO
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• Low Cost
• Ready to Wire
• Adapter Boards for Special Functions
• Inexpensive Bed-of-Nails Fixture Available
• ID Code for Automatiq Recognition

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Standard TestFixture Kit ASY-00003.01 $295.00
See the Datasheet for additional TestFixture components and clamshell Bed-of-Nails fixtures.


The TestFixture makes contact with the individual TestModules in the TestStation using standard pogo pins.  They provide reliable gold-to-gold connections that are rated for over 100,000 insertions of the TestFixture.  Up to 1200 contacts can be made with the TestStation.  The TestStation provides a built-in vacuum pull-down system to load the TestFixture.


Connections to the Automatiq Test System can be made using cables to the UUT connectors or via a bed-of-nails fixture. See the TestFixtures section of the Automatiq Test System Design Guide for additional information. The best solution depends on the application.

The cable connection option provides:

  • Simple and low cost connections
  • Easy access to the board for rework or debugging
  • Limited useful life for the cables and connectors     
  • Slower loading of the UUT

The bed-of-nails fixture provides:         

  • Rapid loading of the UUT
  • Very long life connections
  • More complex and expensive fixturing
  • Limited access to the board for probing
  • Difficulty in making connections to the top of the board
  • Difficulty in making connections to conformal coated boards


The TestFixture provides the interface between the Circuit-Traq PRO Test System and the Unit Under Test (UUT).  Since it is interchangeable, additional TestFixtures can be provided for each board or circuit to be tested.

The TestFixture provides a place to mount the UUT (either with connectors or in a Bed-of-Nails fixture) and contains the wiring between the Circuit-Traq PRO Test System and the UUT.  In addition it can house circuits to interface between the TestStation and the UUT.

Automatiq also provides an inexpensive line of Stand Alone Clamshell Bed-of-Nails Test Fixtures and bases for use in custom test systems. Click here for additional information.


The signals from the TestStation are brought out on 60 pin dual row headers (0.025” square pins on 0.100” centers). Connections can be made with wire wrap, ribbon cable with IDC connectors, or loose wires with modular connectors.

In most cases, multicolor ribbon cables with IDC connectors provide the most versatile option. The ribbon cable can be ripped apart and wired directly to the UUT connections.  


Adapter boards provide a place for interface circuits between the UUT and the Automatiq Test System. These circuits can be as simple as an instrument amplifier to amplify a milivolt signal or as complicated as a microprocessor to generate complex interface signals. The TestFixture has positions for up to 5 Adapter Boards. Blank Adapter Boards with an array of component mounting pads are available as well as boards with specific circuits.


The ready-to-wire Standard TestFixture Kit is ideal for low volume products that don't justify bed-of-nails test fixtures.  By utilizing connectors that plug into the UUT, a TestFixture can be constructed quickly and inexpensively.

The Standard TestFixture Kit provides a TestFixture housing, an Interconnect PC board, two Adapter Boards, and three wiring cables along with the appropriate hardware.

The Standard TestFixture is about 16.5" x 7.5" and provides a mounting area of about 15" x 7.5".  It can accommodate about 1.75" inside the enclosure.

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